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We believe that sustainability has evolved from aspirational ideals to commercial solutions.

Where the world is going?

We are committed to helping our contributors position themselves for a future in which sustainability is core. We will achieve this vision by doing what we do best — invest, finance, and innovate — to drive global climate transition and inclusive growth strategies that accelerate positive change.

Climate Transition: the challenges

Clean Energy

Our clean energy focus supports efforts to reduce emissions and environmental impact by enabling renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and grid services.

Practical case: Hydrogen The Future of Hydrogen 

Sustainable Transport

Our sustainable transport focus is to reduce the environmental impact of our activities by shifting the mode of transit or increasing per-trip efficiency through electric vehicles, connected services, autonomous driving and public transportation development.

Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Starting with agricultural production and moving through storage, processing and distribution to green consumer products: our focus is on enabling improved sustainability of the food and agriculture value chain.

Practical case: New urban agriculture The vertical farm 


Waste & Materials

Our focus on Waste and Materials includes supporting and promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Practical case: The vegan leather Desserto: From cactus to leather

Ecosystem Services

Through our work in ecosystem we are monetizing the value of forests, water, and biodiversity and contributing to the sustainable management of natural resources for our community.

Inclusive Growth

Digitization of healthcare is leading to better accessibility. Micro finance solutions are enabling the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurs. At its core, inclusive growth is about supporting communities, drawing on innovative partnerships to mitigate unequal access and affordability among underserved populations.

Practical case: Net Positive Impact 

Accessible & Innovative Healthcare

We are advancing accessible and innovative healthcare to enable the use of digital technology, coordination, and infrastructure advancements to support advanced devices and diagnostics toward better healthcare outcomes.

Accessible & Affordable Education

We are working with Epic to enable greater access to education, improve learning outcomes, and help close opportunity gaps for learners of all ages.


Our KPIs:

Our KPIs which actually are based mostly on your actions and donations will be valued as below:

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