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How IFS token is based on long-term?

We built IFS token, and more broadly Invest For Society project, as anchored with a long-term view. As per the logic of an “Endowment fund”, the philosophy is to generate returns every year and to give-back to charities and philanthropic organizations “forever”.

Therefore, the use of the IFS tokens makes sense over the time. Even a joiner at the ICO has a reason to be still involved in the project after few years.

One contribution in IFS token at the ICO will allow to interact within our platform on the long run. Furthermore, owner will see new IFS tokens distributed to him and to philanthropic organizations every 6 months.

IFS Schema - How it works?


Why buying IFS tokens could interest people?

Owning IFS token or contributing to Invest For Society Donations (French endowment fund) is necessary to interact on our platform. By doing so, people could choose, vote and act about some decisions of Invest For Society project.

For example, they can vote for the different investment opportunities that could show up over the time. Or they can choose the new causes or social projects that could be supported by our community. That underlying activity has no “maturity date” and is not surfing on a fashion “super trendy” idea. Therefore, the risk to see that concept outdated very quickly is very small.

Hence, even after the ICO, one who would like to be part of the community should buy IFS token on the secondary market.

Moreover, before selling his IFS tokens, one could ask himself the question to wait a little bit more to get the next performance-tokens distribution.

Overall, anyone from the ICO or from the “post-ICO” secondary market could have an incentive to buy IFS tokens and to hold them over the time, which prevent the price of the IFS token from dropping as sharply as most of the last ICOs we saw.

Also, Invest For Society has a commitment to buy-back a portion of the circulating supply of IFS tokens at a fixed price versus USD. Therefore, IFS token price should not be too much correlated to the others crypto-currencies (at least at the downside).


Finally, why we should be willing to hold the IFS token?

Because contributing to the Society is probably one of the main cause that gives a meaning in life for everyone. It gives a reason to check out over the long run what real impacts have your actions on the Society.

We are not offering a “one use only” asset. We offer the possibility to interact on the long-term with the project, even if you jumped-in early.

Therefore, there is a natural “willing to stay” mindset implied to our contributors and community.

Assuming that statement, the dynamic behind the IFS token is to have a potential perpetual demand from new joiners wishing to give a sense on where they put their money into.

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