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Why Stellar ?

The average time needed to fully complete a transaction on the Stellar blockchain is 5 seconds against more than 3 minutes for Ethereum. Moreover, transaction fees are marginal on the stellar blockchain.

Stellar uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol to validate and check the integrity of the ledgers & transactions. That whole process occurs every 2 to 5 seconds. Unlike Ethereum or bitcoin blockchain, there are no “mining” involved.  

The base fee for each transaction performed on the Stellar Blockchain ( 0.00001 XLM) is there to discourage any act of “Flooding” on the network.

Hence the choice of Stellar Blockchain for our Invest For Society (IFS) Token. 

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You can complete roughly 100,000 transactions for less than $1.


Transactions are processed and validated within 5 seconds.


Stellar blockchain offers some advanced securities options.

Functionalities of the token

By purchasing an IFS token, you become a member of Invest for Society Community and therefore unlock different rights or entitlements to specific services or options.

By having most of our functionalities wrapped up in the blockchain, we can rely on more automation thanks to smart-contract and at the same time benefiting from enhanced transparency:

Smart-Contract function "Performance-Tokens distribution"

Every semester, Performance-Tokens will be released and distributed via a smart-contract to all token-holders with validated KYC.

  • 10% of the gain are donated to the “pool of organizations” chosen by the community.
  • 10% of the gain are kept by IFS for administration and platform costs.
  • 80% of the gain are given to the IFS token-holders for them to choose where they reinvest them or give them to their favourite causes .

You can also customize a percentage of your Performance-Tokens that would be donated to the organization of your choice.

Smart-Contract function "Buy-back"

Invest For Society buys-back tokens on a daily basis : In order to provide a certain guarantee and confidence to the Community, we commit ourselves into an automatic IFS tokens buy-back scheme at 0,06 EUR/token on the decentralized Stellar exchange (StellarTerm).

Indeed, IFS token is based on real assets contrary to many current ICO models, which allows us to be commited to buy-back them through smart-contract. (Our aim with the ICO is not to spend raised proceeds into development costs but actually invest them in order to make the overall outstandings grow to be able to give a part of it back).

Moreover, donations being done through IFS tokens, amount in cash would be unsignificant if the price of IFS token where to drop sharply to 0. That is why the “buy-back” function is very important to us.

Smart-Contract fonction "Automatic sale of donated IFS tokens"

When a donation has been initiated to a given organization, an automatic function will be activated for optimizing the sale of the tokens.

In order to avoid potential drawbacks in selling tokens on the secondary market and therefore influence negatively the price for instance, artificial intelligence will manage the transaction. Indeed, with the help of an algorithm, we will execute the different orders over a certain period of time, assuming the liquidity level of the secondary market in order to avoid any disturbing effects.

As a consequence, we guarantee an optimal sale price in order to give-back as much as possible to the organizations.


In addition to smart-contracts and structural functions, Invest For Society will ask the token-holders their input through smart-votes for some decisions or important choices in the way the project is conducted.

For example: In the investments allocation among several assets and markets, in the choice of supported and promoted organizations, or even in the possiblity to issue new tokens for financing a particular project..

Therefore any token-holder has the possibility to bring new ideas in these multiple areas which could be suggested to the community through smart-vote thanks to the blockchain.

For more information about all the functionalities of the IFS token, we suggest you go through the following article:

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Token Allocation

How IFS tokens be allocated and when to ICO
  • Token Price0.07 EUR = 1 IFS
  • SOFT CAP1,000,000 IFS
  • Pre ICOSEP 20
  • Pre ico amountUp to 20,000,000 IFS
  • ICOOCT 20 - MAR 21
  • ICO amountUp to 1,000,000,000 IFS

Use of proceeds

How IFS will allocate the proceeds from the crowdsale?

Use of proceeds:

Investments breakdown: