How it works?

Invest For Society pools together everyone’s resources in order to give-back part of the generated performance to the Society thanks to the blockchain.

Because unity is strength, let’s capitalize on the community to create value.

IFS Schema - How it works?
real estate IFS
How will IFS generate revenue?


Through our experiences and skills, we concluded that real-estate is the best class of assets to invest in as it meets our needs against a spectrum of risk while achieving consistent and solid returns.

Being there for the long haul and not for a short trip, our purpose is to mitigate risks while providing consistent returns. Rental properties generate positive cash flow while slowly but surely increasing its value over the years.

Our approach always consists of an in-depth and continuous investment analysis, followed by a portfolio construction and hedging the position held in order to preserve capital. In the short term, we target Europe and the United States of America for several reasons. 

Based on our previous experiences in real estate in Europe and USA, we are confident in realizing a consistent 9~10% YoY return over the long term on that specific market.


Real Estate consistency over the year is proven. 


Rents guarantee positive cash-flows in any circumstances.

Positive Carry

Operating income being greater than expenses, real estate naturally appears as a very interesting investment vehicle.

Balloon in the sky
How will IFS generate revenue?

Start-up & ICO

In line with Invest For Society values: Solidarity, justice, integrity, freedom, environment and biodiversity, we will allocate part of the proceeds to projects or start-ups through direct investments in order to benefit from strong returns while sticking to IFS core values.

We also open ourselves to invest in ICO in the event of any promising company decide to raise capital through an Initial Coin Offering. We are confident that in the years to come we will see more and more startup choosing that path to enter the world and make an impact on our lives.

These investments being more « opportunistic » and trendy-driven, we will ask the community through smart-vote before each investment.


Start-up & and ICO  offers a wide range of opportunities


A strong commitment to innovative and creative projects.


Betting on the blockchain as the next major technology trend.

Performance token IFS
How will IFS generate revenue?


Every semester, IFS will issue « performance-tokens » based on the realized gain from our investments portfolio.

Each IFS token-holder on the date of record will be entitled to the performance-token disbursement on a per-token basis.

Invested proceeds allocation

In line with the Pareto principle, we will at first allocate the raised proceeds as shown below. (i.e. 80% in real-estate/financial markets and 20% in start-ups.)

The community will be invited to decide through smart-vote about the future proceeds’ allocations depending on opportunities that may arise.

*We keep 5% cash reserve in order to be able to fullfil our commitment towards buying back IFS tokens at our guaranteed price.

Return on investment

Performance-tokens disbursement to IFS token-holders based on the realized gain every semester. 


Investments are diversified among different assets classes and markets in order to mitigate risks and reduce volatility.

Tokens buy-back

IFS is committed to buying back up to 5% of the circulating supply each month at a fixed and guaranteed price. IFS token will also be listed on exchanges allowing you to freely sell it whenever you want.

Ifs Gives back
How will IFS give back to the Society?

IFS gives-back

In line with Invest For Society concept, every semester when Performance-Tokens are issued, 10% would be directly given to the pool of charities and organizations partners of IFS.

By giving-back these « Performance-Tokens », everyone contributes to the common wellbeing.

Furthermore, Invest For Society will offer related products and services to the community. For any products & services sold, IFS will give-back the net profit to the supported charities and organizations pool.


Being wise selfish means taking a broader view and recognizing that our own long-term individual interest lies in the welfare of everyone. Being wise selfish means being compassionate.

Dalai Lama
Optional donation
How will IFS give back to the Society?

Optional donation

To go further and give-back more than the automatic 10%, you are allowed to donate directly a greater proportion of your own tokens to your favorite charity.

IFS token-holders therefore have those two additional options: 

Automatic donation on performance

You will be able to choose by yourself what % of your performance-tokens you would like to give back to any organization.

As a consequence, every semester when performance-tokens will be distributed, the % you set will be automatically donated and sold through a smart-contract.

One-time donation

If you prefer to give your tokens whenever you wish, you could at any time settle a one-time donation from your personal space to a given charity or cause.

Donated tokens will then be sold via a smart-contract (donation being directly correlated to the token price).

IFS could provide to donators an official certificate of donation in order to benefit from an eventual tax benefit according to their local regulation.

As a reminder in France, you would benefit a tax reduction from 66% to 75% of the given amount to charities or accepted organizations.

Long-lasting donation

Set-up an automatic donation to give-back part of your future Performance-tokens every semester.


Transparency of donation thanks to the blockchain, through token traceability and monetization in fiat currency via smart-contract.


Epic backs outstanding nonprofits and social innovation to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.



Epic for Invest For Society is representing a solution to the human and social development.




A non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

100% of the proceeds given to charity: water will directly fund clean water solutions

charity: water for Invest For Society is representing a solution to the sanitary need of clean and safe water everywhere.



Invest For Society is currently working with others NGOs to be added in its pool:


  • Representing health and medical assistance: MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières translated as Doctors Without Borders) with which we are working on a partnership agreement.


  • Representing Animal and wildlife conservation: IFAW with which we are in discussion.


  • Representing Ocean conservation: Sea Legacy with which we are in discussion.


  • Representing a pool of causes: Invest For Society Donations, which is the French “endowment fund” of the project which is a non-profit fund helping the NGOs and also others specific causes according to the Invest For Society’s model.



The community in the center of the project.


Thanks to everyone’s contribution in the IFS tokens, Invest for Society will invest these proceeds in selected projects by the community as well as in real-estate.

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive…

Albert Einstein

Invest For Society will capitalize on the token-holders thanks to blockchain and smart contracts linked to the token.


Thanks to regular smart-votes, tokens holders will be asked to give their voice and thought about different Invest For Society’s decisions such as :

  • TO SUPPORT AN EXCEPTIONAL CAUSE(i.e natural disaster etc.)

Hence the community plays a very important role in the future of the Invest For Society project, that allows everyone to be in control of its tokens while being at the IFS disposal.

An online forum will allow exchange and fluidity to the community in order to bring new projects and ideas in line with our values and convictions.

Security & Compliance
The community in the center of the project.

Security & compliance

In order to be compliant with AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) regulation, Invest For Society will hold a KYC registry in order to know and therefore protect its contributors and the overall project integrity.

Moreover, Invest For Society set an additional security for its token-holders, in protecting them against a hacking or a private-key loss.

Indeed if your account has been registered and your KYC fully validated on our website, we would be able to freeze (if you choose to authorize us to) your tokens hold by the stellar wallets linked to your account. Therefore we would be able to give you back tokens from the « lost wallet » on a new wallet once we would be able to certify you are at the inception of that request.


KYC & AML process are mandatory.


Recovering your tokens in the event of the loss of your private-key.


Our compliance & security policy allows any contributors to be part of the project with limited operational risks.

Transparent water
The community in the center of the project.

Transparency for community

Thanks to the Stellar blockchain, anyone can follow the way every token is pursuing and the way the different exchanges and trades are done with full transparency. This is one of the main advantages of the blockchain technology and of the decentralized network.

Furthermore, the code being open-source, the community can check and certify the good execution of the smart-contracts embedded in our tokens, such as the automatic token buy-back at 0,07 USD every day for instance.

Finally, on Invest For Society website, a detailed reporting with current investments and projects will be available and updated weekly for an absolute transparency with the community.

A global audit of all assets will be done every 6 months and released to the community.

Smart votes

A strong community involvement in the project.


Automation and flow transparency thanks to the blockchain.


Regular audit and detailed reports for smooth and transparent information.