Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What rights does the IFS token entitle the token-holders?

    Access the IFS platform and its donation services to societal projects or organizations.

    Each IFS token is entitled to an additional performance-token portion each semester based on the performance of the proceeds raised at the ICO.

    Be involved in management decisions of the company via a democratic consultation through smart-votes (choice of supported organizations, choice of projects in which to invest etc.).
    At any time any token-holder can sell-back its IFS on the secondary market through the Stellar decentralized exchange.

How to buy or trade IFS tokens?

At the Pre-ICO / ICO you have the possibility to acquire IFS by sending the amount you want to contribute in crypto, fiat etc. at our public address Stellar (that will be available later at the time of the ICO). You must first have created a wallet yourself on stellar.com (More information to come).
As soon as the ICO took place, a decentralized secondary market will be available on the Stellar blockchain, to place buy or sell orders in a very smooth and easy way.
In the near future, we will try to make IFS available on some major exchanges specialized in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

What allows IFS platform?

Via the platform IFS you can:
Make a donation to one or more charities of your choice at any given time.
Calibrate a % of your perfomance-tokens you will distribute to charities.
Propose projects in which to invest, or organizations and projects to support.
Benefit from IFS related products and services.

Why Invest For Society chose to use tokens?

Liquidity of the investment for token holders without impacting the management of the company (secondary market). Therefore token-holders are not stuck with us forever, they can trade their tokens whenever they want to.
Traceability, authenticity and security of token transactions via the blockchain and the community control.
Possibility to exchange tokens 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d.
Scalability of investments, from very small amounts to high amounts invested, no transaction extra-cost or heavy trading procedures thanks to the blockchain (no intermediary).
The pooling of funds makes possible to take advantage of investment opportunities requesting large amounts with limited risks.
Take advantage of this new liquidity pool of the “crypto” world to redirect it to donations to society.

How can I get my investment back if I buy an IFS token?

By holding a token, you have the option to sell it to a potential buyer at any time at the secondary market price.

If no buyer is interested in the secondary market, we commit ourselves to buy-back (up to 5% / month of the total number of tokens in circulation) at € 0.06 / token. A smart-contract will frame this action for 100% transparency.

(If you bought your tokens at the ICO the worst case woule be to come out with € 0.01 / token loss compared to your initial investment. If you have held your token long enough, you will probably have already received additional performance-tokens. that you can monetize and thus come out in profit)

Why don’t you buy-back more than 5% of the total amount of tokens at the fixed price?

The purpose of the ICO and the sale of tokens is to finance the activity of the company, in order to optimize its performance and to be able to contribute to the common wellbeing via the support to charity or societal organizations.

That being said, a good part of the funds will be invested in projects or assets on medium to long-term horizons (for example in real-estate construction project or in supporting a start-up), which does not practically allow us to have enough cash available to redeem all tokens instantly.

Unlike most ICOs that do not rely on real value-generating activity, we built this model so that the token has an intrinsic value (right to performance-token distributions + possibility to sell-back at fxed price of 0,06€ if no liquidity is available on secondary market), to protect contributors.

5% is therefore a threshold that is considered adequate for good management, while allowing many investors to be guaranteed to sell-back their contributions (for good order, out of 10M€ outstanding, 500K€ will be available for purchase every month).

What are the risks of losing capital by investing in IFS tokens?

By holding a token, you participate in the business activity to generate performance.

The principal risk of capital loss on your investment would be that the company incurs losses in its management and is not able to buy-back all tokens at € 0.06 / token. Moreover, this assumes that the secondary market is totally absent.

That being said, we have confidence in our company’s ability to generate value and a pessimistic scenario in our eyes would be to generate not enough value but we will not invest in scenarios that jeopardize the value of the business (risk 0 does not exist though).

How can I control or have an eye on the management of the company?

We are committed to publish online reports on our website regularly in order to keep the public informed of our activity.

Moreover being a token holder, you can be put to contribution via smart-votes to decide on some management decisions or choice of investment (choice of the social action that we wish to finance for example).

Finally we will be available to answer all questions of token holders as transparency is one of our goal. Indeed we want to offer a common resources pooling model in order to optimize the management of a company, not a black box way of doing business.

Why operate on the Stellar blockchain?

Among the many reasons that made us choose the blockchain Stellar to develop the Invest For Society project, here are the most significant:
Execution of transactions in real time (2-5 seconds)
Cryptographic transaction security (decentralized network)
In accordance with regulation (possibility of “freezing” tokens or fraudulent behavior)
Payments as easy to send as a simple mail
With a single network we can send transactions from all over the world
Optimal for micro-payments: $ 0.01 fee allows ~ 600,000 transactions
Automatic exchange between different currencies

What are the smart-contracts attached to the IFS token?

Thanks to the Stellar blockchain and smart-contracts, the community can ensure the automatic execution of certain token’s functions:
Automatic purchase of 0.15% of outstanding amounts every 24h at 0.06 € / token (constantly in the order book).
Automatic sale of each given IFS token according to a defined algorithm.
Automatic distribution of given tokens among diferent organizations according to the customization of each member.
Automatic issuance of new performance-tokens distributed each semester.
Automatic donation of 10% of the new performance-tokens issued on behalf of IFS.

What is our "Trustful Marketing" commitment?

In concrete terms, IFS’s main measures in this area are to guarantee that no “false” testimony or wrong marketing relays will be initiated or even accepted.

We do not allocate an oversized marketing budget to assess false supports of our project or hidden personal interests through social networks and other communication sites.

This is to protect the contributors of our project and to be able to trust in a community that sticks to the values and ambitions of Invest For Society over the time.

If you have additional questions or concerns, be sure to ask us.

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