What is IFS

Invest For Society is a French initiative with the ambitious aim of bringing a community of people from all over the world together around a concept uniting financial Investment and common well-being.

As a decentralized endowment fund concept, IFS allows anyone to invest their savings in projects with significant yields and to give back part of their earnings to companies and Nonprofit Organizations contributing to the public interest.

Thanks to the blockchain and to smart-contract technologies, Invest For Society guarantees financial and management transparency to its contributors.

Invest Together

Proceeds from the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be invested with the aim of generating strong performance.

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Give Together

In accordance with the IFS give-back model, 10% of the performance will be donated every semester to a pool of Nonprofit Organizations supported by the IFS community.

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Act Together

Blockchain, smart-contract and smart-voting technologies will be used in order to mobilize the community and to facilitate its decision-making process.

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Our core values

In keeping with the growing trend of « Social Entrepreneurship », Invest For Society aims to show that a new way of doing business is possible.

We base our actions on values which represent the core pillars of our concept.

Be it through our investments or through the organizations and causes we will be supporting, these fundamental values will be at the heart of our decision-making process.

Let us show that thanks to the blockchain and to smart-contract technologies, we are more effective together than alone, and let us open up the way to future projects sharing the same view.






Respect of the environment and biodiversity

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